weekend in instagram

Our first (and not so pretty) attempt at homemade pizza.
Ice cream date by our favorite fountains.
Drinks on the patio at Twisted Root.
I tested out one of my chairs in the dining room...

and then came home to this. Toby had destroyed my new sheepskin!
He knew he was in trouble here, and stayed as far away from us as possible. Good thing he's cute, especially in his pathetic little cone. 

We also did a lot of decorating and spring cleaning around the house, and I sold a ton of stuff on Craigslist. I'm meeting people almost every day this week to get rid of something! Our house is almost clutter free!!


  1. Sorry but that picture of Toby and the sheepskin victim made me laugh. He's so cute!
    I love the ghost chair! I'm determined to get one...eventually.

    1. I highly recommend the Amazon seller I bought mine from. It was only $200 for the pair and they came well packed and scratch free!


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