loyal companion silkscreen

I have been looking and looking for this hot pink greyhound print that was sold at Anthropologie a few years ago. If anyone ever sees one, please let me know. I will love you forever and ever!


home updates

I need help deciding what to do with our dining table. Right now, it's all wrong. It's only a couple of years old, so I hate to just get rid of it, but the bar height and all black just isn't working for me anymore. One option is to chop the legs off to regular height and replace the chairs similar to what I talked about here.
The other option is to get a new table altogether. I'm leaning towards the Docksta from Ikea. It's affordable and I think the round shape would work much better in the tiny room. Thoughts?
tulip table
Our completed bar area. I'm so happy I finally have my lamp!
I've given up on finding a coffee table for now. I took the bottom shelf off our table to give it a new look.
So, so sad we've had to temporarily move our tree outside. I got some bad soil that had gnats in it and brought them into the house! I'm trying to figure out how to get rid of them so I can bring it back in!
I found this Allegra Hicks book that I've had on my wishlist forever brand new on Amazon for only $6! It's normally $40, and it makes the prettiest coffee table book.



I've talked Charlie into antiquing with me this weekend. I'm on the hunt for a creepy portrait to add to our gallery wall in the living room. I found one I loved at an antique store recently, except I didn't love the $3,000 price tag. I'm hoping to score one on the cheap and then put it in a big ol' gold frame like this
Also, Charlie wants an aristocratic picture of Toby. Can you imagine how weird people would think we were if they saw this hanging in our house? Ha!


instagram update

No posts because I've been super, super busy! But here are a few pictures of what we've been up to recently.

New Easter toys for Toby
Paw print egg
I may have went overboard with the glitter...
See that pillow behind him? 
We come home to find he's brought it down to his bed because he thinks it's his toy!
Love that skyline
Our new favorite restaurant!
Our vegan brunch
And duh... super excited for this!


happy easter weekend

Happy Easter weekend! This is our first time to spend Easter away from our families, but we have a lot of fun things planned for this beautiful weekend.
gold and pink dipped easter eggs | via fabulous k
Some of our plans include:
- Finally seeing the Hunger Games
- Lots of walks with the pup
- Brunch at our favorite vegan spot in Dallas
- Planting flowers
- Decorating eggs
- And if we're really productive... our taxes!


instagram updates

Wedding in Austin! 
We got stuck in a rose bush after the picture above 
tunnel of love
Delta Gamma chant!
Pretty spring daffodils 
My super cheap Target watch find!

P.S. I get an award for choosing the world's most unflattering dress! I got busy, busy and forget to get it altered in time for the wedding! Blah.



I'm still working on our bedroom. My goal was to have it completely redone by the end of February, but furniture is so darn expensive, and it's taking a little longer to buy everything. We purchased this headboard recently, and I was able to get these nightstands today for 15% off, plus another 15% off the sale price with a coupon. The only thing left to do is purchase sheets, and finally make my curtains with the fabric that I bought months ago!