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I need help deciding what to do with our dining table. Right now, it's all wrong. It's only a couple of years old, so I hate to just get rid of it, but the bar height and all black just isn't working for me anymore. One option is to chop the legs off to regular height and replace the chairs similar to what I talked about here.
The other option is to get a new table altogether. I'm leaning towards the Docksta from Ikea. It's affordable and I think the round shape would work much better in the tiny room. Thoughts?
tulip table
Our completed bar area. I'm so happy I finally have my lamp!
I've given up on finding a coffee table for now. I took the bottom shelf off our table to give it a new look.
So, so sad we've had to temporarily move our tree outside. I got some bad soil that had gnats in it and brought them into the house! I'm trying to figure out how to get rid of them so I can bring it back in!
I found this Allegra Hicks book that I've had on my wishlist forever brand new on Amazon for only $6! It's normally $40, and it makes the prettiest coffee table book.


  1. LOVE your updates. Swooning over that bar area!

    1. Thank you! Any ideas about what I should do with my dining table??


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