I've talked Charlie into antiquing with me this weekend. I'm on the hunt for a creepy portrait to add to our gallery wall in the living room. I found one I loved at an antique store recently, except I didn't love the $3,000 price tag. I'm hoping to score one on the cheap and then put it in a big ol' gold frame like this
Also, Charlie wants an aristocratic picture of Toby. Can you imagine how weird people would think we were if they saw this hanging in our house? Ha!


  1. My opinion may not be so valuable since I live on Animal Farm, but I think the Toby pic would be awesome!! haha. Have you ever shopped on art.com? I love it. I finished our bedroom with a couple prints I had framed and wood-mounted from there. Happy antiquing!

  2. I have, but I didn't think about going there for a portrait. I'm going to try it!


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