carlsbad, NM (road trip pt. 3)

Our second stop on our trip was to Carlsbad Caverns, and then to the city of Carlsbad, NM. We loved the caverns, but the city not so much. This was the least adventuresome of our adventures.
Picture you take when tourist are waiting in line to take their picture by the sign
Picture you take after everyone has left
 We took the King's Palace tour
Ranger Gary was awesome. He told the best stories and said pho-TEE-graph pretty much every other word. 
All of these formations were enormous
One of the original ladders used by the explorers in the 1920's
The best part of Carlsbad the city was our little hotel, The Trinity.
We went to see The Avengers at the drive-in.
 I fully expected to fall asleep during this movie, but it was actually pretty good!

Tomorrow I'll post pictures from our last stop in Roswell, NM. It was definitely an interesting place full of some interesting people.

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