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I know I said I'd give you an update on Monday with my weight loss attempt. I weighed in, just didn't have time to write. My amazing loss this week was... 1 pound. Womp, womp. I'm technically OK with this because 1) I started on Wednesday so it wasn't a full week, 2) We ate our faces off at the food truck festival this weekend, and 3) We threw a going away party for one of our friends moving back to Cali which involved several drinkies and a lot of food. So, it's pretty amazing that I lost anything at all. Only nine more to go!
Here are a few pictures from the weekend:
New pop up food truck park that is open every Thursday in Addison
Goodbye, Brooks!
Our lime tree is growing! Our lime tree is growing!
Planted more flowers and cleaned the patio for summer
Beatles cover band at the Summer Sounds Concert Series in Allen
And some cuteness

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  1. Love the cuteness pic. Especially the one of him looking up like, "Mom...enough pix, K?"


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