dark entryways

I've recently jumped on the black walls bandwagon. I always thought it seemed that painting a small room a dark color would be counterproductive, but these examples of black and navy blue entryways have definitely changed my mind.
Black board entry

The Everygirl: How to to Style an Entryway
entry way glamour. navy and gold
Navy lacquer wall
dark entry accent wall
This is currently our entryway. It's too small for any furniture, and constantly gets piled up with shoes and bags of stuff to be donated/recycled. It takes no less than a day or two for the piles to reappear after I've cleaned them up! I also can't put a rug in here (I've tried) because the door scrapes the ground and pushes away the rug, AND the walls are textured eliminating the option for any fancy removable wallpaper. This leaves me with very limited options for this sad, sad little space in our home.
Since it's too small to have an entry console, I think I am going to get a large mirror to lean against the wall. It'll be nice to have for a quick check before leaving, and I'm hoping it will keep the piles from forming again!
Large white mirror for entry
I'll also be repainting the entry from this boring beige that covers all of our walls to a high gloss dark navy blue or slate color. I came home with these samples, which I narrowed down to seven.
Blue is a tricky color to pull off correctly (IMO), and I think I'm leaning most towards the bottom color which is closer to slate. I figure it's such a small space it won't be too difficult to repaint when we move out, and it's dark, so they shouldn't be able to tell if I don't paint it back the exact beige color.
I'll keep you posted on the progress!

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  1. I love that dark navy! Gosh I can see that with yummy golds in my own home. Love that idea.


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