entryway before + after

This weekend I tried to spiffy up our entryway like I had mentioned here. It ended up taking much longer than I expected because the texture on our walls made all of my careful taping useless. The paint just seeped through the (edge-lock guarantee) tape and made horrible jagged lines. I also chose a way-too-small roller. Two lessons learned: never buy a house with textured walls, and buy a bigger roller next time! 
It turned out much more blue than I was expecting, but I think it might be growing on me.
Just in case you don't remember the before...
We used Valspar's Corduroy Black. The bin is from the Container Store, the hooks are from Anthro, the rug is from West Elm, and the picture is from our recent trip to MarfaI got it made into a 16x20 poster at Walgreens and put it into an Ikea frame for less than $30! 


  1. I had the same blue tihng happen when I painted our now white guest room grey a while back!
    I like your end product! Looks like the navy trend going on right now. LOVE it.

  2. Argh. You would think if the paint color has the word black in it, it wouldn't turn out looking exactly like navy blue!


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