area rugs + carpet = ?

I've thought many times about buying rugs for our apartment with wall-to-wall carpeting, but I could never make the decision. My friend Erin recently made a rug purchase for her carpeted living room, and after seeing her pictures I decided that it could be pulled off and I needed to buy one asap. Enter Rugs USA's Fourth of July 75% off sale! I've been eyeing a Beni Ourain style Moroccan rug for quite awhile now, and decided this was the rug. Sadly, they were sold out of the larger size and I had decided to give up. Of course I couldn't stop thinking about it and after thinking a little too much about the design decision (like I always do) it came to me... layering!! I hopped back on their website and found a great jute rug for an even better price. 

Here are a few inspiration images I found with rugs layered over jute.

[Lonny May 2012]
I ended up buying this plush Moroccan rug to layer over the jute fringe rug. I'm hoping it will look similar to the above pictures after I put these babies together.
I'm pretty sure I'll like the combo, I'm still just a little worried about how it will look over carpet. I've read that rugs over carpet tend to bunch up and not lay flat. Hopefully I'll be able to share pics soon!

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