layered rugs

I finally received the rugs in that I talked about here. They came on two separate days, and the jute rug was the first to arrive. After I laid it out I kind of liked the way it looked on its own, and decided I might use the moroccan rug in our bedroom instead.
The next day my moroccan rug arrived and I laid it out just to see what it would look like layered, and decided it's staying in the living room for now. Operation area rug over carpet was a success with no wrinkling or lumps.
My next mission for this room is a new couch. I found this sectional from West Elm that can be changed from right to left (and it's not beige)! So perfect for us since this isn't our permanent home. I made a (crappy) mock-up of what I'm imagining for the room.
Living Room Idea 2
It looks totally busy on here, but the only things that are changing from our current room are the couch, coffee table, and the addition of two wishbone chairs to replace our massive love seat. I'm hoping to be done before the end of summer!

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  1. The rugs looks great. Everytime I see a moroccan rug I think of you! Glad you got one! Love that look!


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