instagram... the Target edition

This totally happened to me yesterday.
it happens every time...
I went in for packaging tape that costs less than $2, and ended up with a basket full of stuff! Luckily, none of the items in my Target hoard cost more than $10, so there wasn't any major damage done.
 Here are the pink and orange ombré napkins that I saw on my way to the checkout that started the downward sprial. I thought they would be perfect for a baby shower that I'm throwing soon.
Just down the aisle from these lovely napkins I found these.
I've seen (and loved) dip dyed flatware goodness all over the place like herehere and here, but I didn't want to ruin our current flatware, and let's face it, I didn't want to spend time dipping every single piece only to be stuck with a set of flatware that now had to be hand washed. So I freaked when I saw this version yesterday, because it's cute and it's dishwasher safe. I bought up a whole bunch of these cheapies and plan to use them instead of plastic flatware when we have parties. They are way cuter, better for the environment, and I don't need to worry if one gets lost or damaged. I think I'm going to use the pink set for the baby shower, too!
I can't say no to cute gift bags. Ever.
I should have known better than to browse the office supplies section, but I already had a basket full of shizz I didn't need so I figured, what the hell.  Looking into my basket I asked myself, "Do I need a neon green block calendar, polka dotted tape, and pretty file folder labels?" No. Did I still leave with it? Yes. Damn you, Target!
This isn't from Target, but I thought I'd share with you where my other ghost chair is currently living. That is still the sheepskin that was destroyed here, but I've strategically placed a couple of mags on the spot until I buy another one!
Lesson learned.


  1. AGH! This was so me last wknd when I went to get groceries. I totally bought party napkins, gift tags and a new planner that I didn't need. Didn't see the flatware but I'm getting some next time! OMG that's cute!

  2. I had to go to 3 different Target stores to get a complete set of 12 in each color. I'm pretty sure I bought out all of the stores in North Dallas! ;)


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