cookies and milk

Charlie has been working crappy hours this week, but today is the worst. He has to go in from 10pm to 2:30pm. That's 16.5 hours without a break in case you didn't want to do the math. I felt really bad for him, so this should be showing up at his office anytime now.
Variety Pack
We have a place nearby that delivers warm cookies and brownies to your door. You can also add milk and ice cream if that floats your boat.

Anyway, with his weird schedule I've been pretty bored. He sleeps during the day and he's gone at night, so I feel like we haven't seen each other this entire week. I'm happy it's finally the weekend and I get to have him all to myself!

We were planning to go see the Dirty Projectors tonight at The Kessler, but naturally I waited too long and the tickets were sold out when I tried to buy them yesterday. Boo. Maybe a movie instead? We'll see...

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