guest bedroom work in progress

This, friends is a picture of our guest room right after we moved into our apartment. Terrifying, right?
It's been a constant work in progress over the past two years, and right now looks like this:
 While it's an improvement, it's not quite where I want it. I'll mainly focus on redoing the computer area, because right now It feels all crammed together and drives me nuts!
Here's a board I've created to get a feel for how everything will look together.

I'm replacing everything above the computer with one, giant inspiration board similar to the one in Catherine Sheppard's home featured on Glitter Guide:
I want to paint the current desk Corduroy Black (the same color that we recently used in our entryway), and then replace the hardware with something like this:
I also plan to add a footstool for the ghost chair, switch out the beige curtains for white, and replace our enormous computer with an iMac when they come out with a new version this fall (goodbye, cords!).
What do you think? Any suggestions?


  1. Please come help our guest/computer room. I'm telling you you should design for a living. I will pay you !

  2. I would love to help you with your room! I will decorate anything I can get my hands on. From the pictures you've sent me though, it looks like your doing amazing with your redecorating!


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