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Here are some recent updates from around our apartment!
I received the shams that I talked about in this post. Ignore the floral/stripes combo. I'll be replacing them with white sheets soon.
Bought a faux sheepskin to replace the one that Toby destroyed, but he loves laying on it so much we have decided to put it at the foot of our bed for him.
"Thanks, mom and dad!"
We found this gem while shopping at Urban recently. It's quite the quote to start the day, dontcha think? We also finally purchased new towels for our bathroom... and it only took me two years to make my decision! Also, that shower curtain situation will be fixed asap. I purchased that on clearance at TJmaxx my junior year in college... I've just been waiting until I can find something else that I like. There are some seriously fug shower curtains out there!
I received the fabric that I will be using for my inspiration board, but I like it so much I think I might be using it to reupholster our slipper chair in the living room. I'm going to wait until our new sofa comes before I make a final decision.


  1. Oh em eff gee I love your bathroom wall art. As if you weren't awesome enough already.


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