chair redo

This weekend my fabulous Grandma helped me reupholster our living room chair.
Even though it was time consuming (it took me about six hours total), it was surprisingly easy to accomplish. Basically you: 1) remove the staples, 2) take the chair apart, 3) carefully remove the old fabric, 4) use it to make your new pattern, 5) pin patterns together using the old fabric as your guide, and 5) sew that shizz back together! I was afraid I had forgotten how to sew, but once I broke out the sewing machine it was like riding a bike!
I also did a little switcheroo with the sectional and chair. I wasn't in love with the last layout, so we'll see if this one works better. I'm still on the search for a great coffee table, so if you see one, holla!
The new view of the dining room. 
I found these swivel stools from World Market that I'm dying to have. I just can't decide which one!
 I'm also really loving this one, but I'm just wondering if it might take up too much space in our tiny room?
 Speaking of World Market, they've totally stepped up their game recently. I'm seeing if I can somehow manage to incorporate one of these pieces into our home. Wouldn't both of these be fabulous for a foyer or mini-bar?

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