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First of all, how did no one correct me on the title of my last post?! I just read that I had typed "it's arrived." Seriously, I need to quit writing posts in the middle of the night...

Anyway, remember when I said we took over 700 pictures on vacation? Well, it was 977 to be exact! Instead of boring you with a million landscape pictures, I'll post just a few of the highlights.

We love, love, loved feeding the giraffes
These guys all had so much personality!
Beautiful roadside stop
 At the summit of Pike's Peak. Isn't it just amazing? They have some serious trust in people, because there was absolutely no barrier and that went straight down.
 It's Big Foot's footprint, ya'll
This guy had no problem coming up to people for food. He almost hopped into our car!
Our favorite part of the trip (and reason for going) was to see Mumford and Sons play at Red Rocks. They wouldn't let us take our dslr into the concert, so I had to make do with my super old point-and-shoot. I'm pretty sure the iPhone has more megapixels than this camera... whatevs.
All three bands came to the stage to sing Joe Cocker's version of "With a Little Help From My Friends" for the finale.
Nathaniel Rateliff was one of the openers and I'm definitely a new fan. This is my favorite so far. It's one of those songs you can listen to when you're really content, or when you need a good cry. Am I the only one the listens to music when I want to cry? Ha.

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