I haven't posted in awhile because I've come down with a nasty cold thanks to constantly being surrounded by germy kiddies, and because my desk situation currently looks like this:

This painting project has turned into quite the time sucker. I started using it before I allowed the paint enough time to cure, so little bits started chipping off the top. After another coat of paint I decided it would be best to protect it with a couple coats of poly. So, I had to let the fresh paint cure for 48 hours, and then today I applied the poly letting it dry a few hours between each coat. THEN I'll have to let it sit another 48 hours before using it again, hence the reason I've stolen Charlie's laptop to write this post. I'm not totally happy with the way it came out, though. For some reason the coats look a little uneven, and it doesn't help that I'm super OCD about stuff like that. 

I've also filled in the holes where the previous hardware was, because my new hardware is a little smaller. The brass handles I talked about here ended up not working because they looked super small and weird, so I found this hardware that I'm currently trying. I haven't put on the handles yet, but plan to soon. Hopefully by Wednesday I'll be finished and able to post some pics of the project!

P.S. sorry if there are crazy amounts of typos/errors in this post. I can't stop watching Hoarders, so I'm trying to watch and write at the same time! Do you ever watch this show? It fascinates me, but it always sends me into a cleaning frenzy.

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