what i want...

is this fabulous Clarmont Crossbody Bag from Lo & Sons. I think it is THE most perfect camera bag out there. It's also currently 20% off, making it oh so tempting to purchase.


weekend celebration

Argh, my life has been so jam packed recently that I haven't gotten to post as much as I've wanted. Here is a little bit of what happened this weekend...
Charlie's older brother got engaged to his lovely girlfriend... and I get my first sister-in-law! My one goal was to get pictures of Charlie and I at our festivities this weekend, but we were so busy taking pictures of everyone else that we didn't get a single one together. SUPER SAD FACE :(

Anyway, I'll hopefully have some time soon to post birthday pictures and updates, because I know you're just dying to have them. Right? Right.


blu dot strut table in watermelon

This was the first image that introduced me to the fabulous Blu Dot strut table in watermelon, and it has been on my wishlist ever since. 
I've spotted it several times in my inspiration images, and I love how versatile it is.
Blu Dot has all of their strut tables are on sale until November 8th, and I'm thinking it's about time I snapped up one for myself.

Dining? Console? Coffee table? Desk? I just can't decide!

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birthday week

Hey, hey it's my birthday week, ya'll! 
Here is my super huge wishlist...
You know you're officially old when you're super pumped to get home decor for your birthday.


I'm in over my head with teacher things for the next couple of weeks, so posts may be a little sparse...
and P.S. I'm raising a hoarder.


instagram updates

We've been busy, but unfortunately I haven't been so good at taking pictures. Here are few Instas from last week: 

 We saw Second City Does Dallas! We've been to a couple of their shows in Chicago, and this one definitely lived up to our expectations. My favorite quote:
 "I got pulled over driving in Highland Park" 
"What'd you do?"
"I was driving in Highland Park..."
If you're from Dallas... isn't this right!?
 We got in trouble for taking pictures, but I was sneaky and took a chandy pic anyway. I wish it showed up, but each bulb on the largest chandelier was a different color, making it extra fun.
 Outside the Wyly Theatre at night. I wish I would have taken one in the daylight, because it's pretty amazeballs.
We have recently discovered this gem. Coffee House Cafe has a wonderful patio, live music, good food, and happy hour!
My Obama gear arrived!
P.S. I'm not putting this on here to start a political debate, so don't even try!

The rest of this month will be even busier. Our weekends are pretty much jam packed with celebrations and other fun things. I'll try to be better about taking pictures of it all!


zara home favorites

I was super excited to find an e-mail this morning that Zara Home was finally available online to the United States. I have been coveting their affordable lucite tray table for at least a year, but until now they didn't ship to the US. Here are some of my favorite picks!

look for less

I already have a chambray shirt that I love, but I can't get over these polka dot versions:
Look for less Old Navy polka-dot chambray shirt $27.00, plus an extra 15% off!
They're sold out of my size online, but I'm going to run by my local store today to see if I'll have any luck finding one there.


look for less

Along with stripes and peplum, leopard is another fashion trend that I hope doesn't fade away anytime soon. It's about time to retire my favorite leopard flats, so I've been on the lookout for something new. I found and fell in love with these studded Valentino flats, but if I ever spend $1,000+ on a pair of shoes you have permission to slap me in the face.
 Obviously these studded leopard flats from Zara are no Valentino, but for nearly $1,000 less, I'll take them. They will most definitely be making it into my closet this fall.


instagram updates

We went back to Oklahoma for the weekend and had a great time. We celebrated Charlie's birthday with our families and also went to a lovely couple's shower. 
At the couple's shower.
This was supposed to be a picture of Charlie with his cake, however, I managed to not get it in the picture. I promise you, there is a cake down there.
I looked up from the car as we were leaving and found his family standing outside like this to wave goodbye to us. How crazy is it that this wasn't posed? I had to take a picture, ha!
Charlie had to work the night shift and this is how I came home to find my boys. Please note the Dr. Pepper and Cookie Butter that he chose as nourishment.
I've been obsessing over Caitlin Wilson Textiles since I found her last year, and finally got new euro shams for our guest room. Love!
I also finally bought Andy Warhol's "Hearts" that I wrote about here. I decided to put it in my kitchen where there isn't too much girly going on. My kitchen is tiny and the lighting is horrible, so it really helps to brighten it up. 


euro shams

I think I just found the perfect euro shams for our bedroom (only $35 each!), but unfortunately they are from One Kings Lane and there is only one available. I have searched and searched online for these gray zig-zag shams by Belle Epoque. If you ever come across these will you please let me know? I'll even pay full price (plus, I will love you forever)! They're sort of Missioni-esque, right?
I want this euro pillow situation to happen in our bedroom. It feels so cozy.


fall stripes and peplum

The first day of October in Texas was sunny and perfect. Our weather is finally starting to feel like fall, and it got me in the mood to start building my fall wardrobe. Luckily, J.Crew is having a sale!
I just can't get over stripes and peplum. I need them all!