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We went back to Oklahoma for the weekend and had a great time. We celebrated Charlie's birthday with our families and also went to a lovely couple's shower. 
At the couple's shower.
This was supposed to be a picture of Charlie with his cake, however, I managed to not get it in the picture. I promise you, there is a cake down there.
I looked up from the car as we were leaving and found his family standing outside like this to wave goodbye to us. How crazy is it that this wasn't posed? I had to take a picture, ha!
Charlie had to work the night shift and this is how I came home to find my boys. Please note the Dr. Pepper and Cookie Butter that he chose as nourishment.
I've been obsessing over Caitlin Wilson Textiles since I found her last year, and finally got new euro shams for our guest room. Love!
I also finally bought Andy Warhol's "Hearts" that I wrote about here. I decided to put it in my kitchen where there isn't too much girly going on. My kitchen is tiny and the lighting is horrible, so it really helps to brighten it up. 

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  1. Great pics! Cracking up over Char's
    Cake pic, haha


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