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We've been busy, but unfortunately I haven't been so good at taking pictures. Here are few Instas from last week: 

 We saw Second City Does Dallas! We've been to a couple of their shows in Chicago, and this one definitely lived up to our expectations. My favorite quote:
 "I got pulled over driving in Highland Park" 
"What'd you do?"
"I was driving in Highland Park..."
If you're from Dallas... isn't this right!?
 We got in trouble for taking pictures, but I was sneaky and took a chandy pic anyway. I wish it showed up, but each bulb on the largest chandelier was a different color, making it extra fun.
 Outside the Wyly Theatre at night. I wish I would have taken one in the daylight, because it's pretty amazeballs.
We have recently discovered this gem. Coffee House Cafe has a wonderful patio, live music, good food, and happy hour!
My Obama gear arrived!
P.S. I'm not putting this on here to start a political debate, so don't even try!

The rest of this month will be even busier. Our weekends are pretty much jam packed with celebrations and other fun things. I'll try to be better about taking pictures of it all!

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