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I purchased this glittery nutcracker, and totally love it!
Last weekend we went to City Lights in downtown Dallas to see the tree lighting ceremony,
fabulous window displays,
and magical lights!


my favorite christmas decor

I'm looking to add to my Christmas decor this year, and I'm totally loving all of the fun choices out there!


instagram updates

Christmas is in the air at our house. I couldn't wait any longer and put up all of our Christmas decor this weekend.
 I didn't feel too bad about decorating early because our mall already has Santa's place all set up. It has snow falling inside and a light show on the outside. It's completely magical. Where was this when I was a kid? 
 Of course it comes complete with Santa.
 We voted (of course) for four more years, and were so happy to get it!
 I scored the skirt that I talked about in this post in my size, new with tags, and for half the original price on eBay! I also bought this pink and purple plaid shirt for 30% off at Gap's friends and family event this weekend, and now have this complete Christmas outfit!



do it.

sequin skirt holiday outfit

Ever since I saw this outfit on Pinterest, I knew I had to find some way to recreate it myself for the holidays. The skirt is from J.Crew and is no longer available (I'm kicking myself for not buying it here!), so I've found a few more sparkly skirts that might work.

This rhinestone necklace is a total steal at $12.80!  I think I'm leaning towards the pink plaid shirt and the cream and gold striped sequin skirt.
I know it's only the first week of November, but I'm just getting so excited for the holidays!!


instagram updates

A few photos from my birthday this past weekend. 
Charlie's mom made me this delicious red velvet cake.
You can't see it well in these pictures, but I'm obsessed with my new sweater that I found at F21. It disappeared off their website almost instantly, but I found two almost identical sweaters here and here. I have literally gotten compliments on it everywhere that I've worn it!
 I woke up to our apartment decked out with birthday decorations. 
Nothing makes me happier than stuff like this. Thank you, husband!
Tobias Funke loves a good birthday party.
I got lots of yummy new house things that I'll be posting pictures of soon!


my love

I'm soooo happy to have Charlie home tonight. He's been away in Las Vegas, but not for the reasons you might think. Here is a picture of him in action... 
That's right, he got his 15 minutes of Twitter fame this weekend. 
Today I am thankful for a husband who works incredibly hard for us, and never complains about it for even a second. And he still takes the time to do boring stuff like go to the post office and grocery store with me.

I belong with you, you belong with me, my sweetheart...


veggie tacos with avocado cream

 These veggie tacos with avocado cream and feta were so good, so fast, and very easy. Even Charlie, who's about as carnivorous as they come, has requested these again for next week.
This recipe from Naturally Ella gave me my inspiration, but I didn't follow it too closely. I used corn (frozen), bell peppers, zucchini, and garlic in mine. To save time I just sauteed the veggies in a pan with a little olive oil, salt, and pepper instead of roasting. I did use her recipe for the avocado cream though, and it was am-ah-zing. Sprinkle with feta, and eat up that delicious shizz.

For this recipe I got to use fresh limes off of our tree on the patio. It's so satisfying to pick and eat your own food, and it's so doable, even in an apartment!