instagram updates christmas edition

 I just loved this label. Bear + Deer = Beer
Sean and Caroline sent us our favorite pizza fresh from Chicago. It was delicious!
I spent my first day (and the past 6 days) of Christmas break miserably sick. Watching Christmas Vacation in the glow of Christmas lights helped make it more tolerable.
I had a Christmas movie marathon, and loved every minute of it.
 This is what makes days when I can barely drag myself out of bed worth it. I love my kiddos.
 We went to see one of my students perform in the Nutcracker. This was my first time!
 Our little man in his slightly too small Buzz Lightyear Jammies. 
Santa brought him some new ones for Christmas. They are adorable and I will post pictures soon. 
 We had a white Christmas! It was barely white, but it still counts.
 Nestled all snug in his bed.

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