bedroom redesign

I finished my InDesign class last week (so many ideas spinning in my head about how I can use this), and I've recently started my first interior design class. We've only met twice, but I've already learned so much, and the best part is that we get to take a field trip to Market! So far I've learned how to measure and draw out a floor plan and furniture to scale (this is so useful when re-arranging or buying new furniture!). Now, we're taking a room in our home and learning how to redesign it. We were given a budget, and we're creating a board that would be presented to the client. I chose to use our bedroom, because it's the only room in our house that I haven't given very much attention. These are the pictures that I used for the "before" shot, even though I've changed a few minor things since these were taken.
We're creating a real-life board for our presentation, but I created a mock-up board on the computer to get a feel for how everything will look together. The real one will also include things like fabric, paint, and floor samples.
I'll be sure to post pictures of the finished product!

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