All of my New Year's resolutions can be summed up in this quote...
I mentioned briefly in this post and this post that things were changing, and I've decided to make 2013 my year to begin doing what I want with my life. The first thing I did to work towards this goal is register to take classes towards a certification in interior design, and sign up for local classes to help me learn Photoshop and InDesign. I actually start one of these on Monday! I'm sure I'll be posting a lot about my journey, and hopefully I'll also figure out what I want to do along the way. I'm excited but also quite a bit nervous. I'm not one to step outside of my comfort zone, and by leaving my current career path to pursue a completely different career I've definitely stepped way outside of my zone. Thankfully Charlie has been my number one supporter through all of this, and without him pushing for me to make the change, I'm not sure that any of this would be happening.


  1. I'm SO excited for you Stac!!!

    1. Thank you! It's nice to know there are people who don't think I'm totally crazy for doing this!


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