mint + emerald

I'm getting the urge to paint again, but I can't decide it it's worth the pain of repainting when we move out. I'm already sort of dreading covering up my impulse to paint our entry, but after three years our beige walls are slowly killing me. I've had six mint paint swatches tacked to my inspiration board for months that I've been trying to figure out how to use. All I know is I'm digging mint and emerald together, and I think it would look excelente in our dining room.
 Or maybe I don't have to go cray and paint the walls, but instead find myself some minty accessories to add to our emerald?
Or I could bake a cake?
Or paint my nails?


  1. I have an idea... how about where ever we move in a few months you come and decorate and paint all you want.. k?

    1. Done! Maybe then I could get it out of my system. I can't wait to see where you end up!


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