14 days of love

When I first saw 14 Days of Love on Pink Pistachio, I knew that I had to do it for Charlie this year. Sometimes things get busy, and it's easy to forget to show each other just how much you care. That's why I've been counting down the days until the beginning of February! For weeks I've been planning which treat I was going to surprise him with each day. Here is what I've done for the first three days:
 Day 1: Charlie loves Reese's, so I figured this would be a nice way to start off. These adorable cards can be printed for free from here.
Day 2: This has kind of a weird story, but while we were standing in irritatingly long return lines after Christmas, there were two kids in front of us playing with this toy, making it jump up in the air (and hitting us a few times). After we left the store (and even weeks later) Charlie kept talking about how he really wanted one of these weird looking things. I figured they would be gone by the time I went back last week, but luckily they had a few left. This will probably end up in the trash or destroyed by the dog in a couple of weeks, but whatever makes him happy, right? Printable card from here.
Day 3: This one is pretty corny, but it's true! The printable cards are from here and here. I placed the card, along with a felt heart in these envelopes in blossom. The glittery hearts are from Michaels.

 If you want some more ideas on sweet things you can do for your man, check the bottom of this page.

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