14 days of love

Here are the rest of my 14 days of love...
 Day 8: Honey buns for my honey buns.
Day 9: The "bchi" card is an inside joke from when we were 16, and on the inside of the card it says "I love you to pieces."
 Day 10: Our life may be a "circus"...
 Day 11: I'm "stuck" on you with his favorite gum.
 Day 12: Cinnamon Toast Crunch muffins with the saying "you make my heart swirl."
Day 13: S'mores with the sayings "you melt my heart" and "I want s'more of your love" on the back.
Day 14: Heart shaped potatoes and sausage, egg, and cheese croissant pockets.

Also, remember when I told you our weekend plans changed? We went back to Oklahoma this weekend to celebrate the engagement of Charlie's little brother and his girlfriend!
Aren't they the cutest? So excited for TWO new sister-in-laws in 2013!

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