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If you missed Kelly Cutrone's Office Hours on Levo League yesterday, then you are in luck because they are available here. Here are four pieces of advice that I took away from her Q&A session:
  • Figure out your voice - It is important to actually take the time to sit down, close your eyes, and ask yourself "what am I supposed to be doing?"
  • Even if you are lucky enough to find your dream job, some days are going to suck!
  • Overwhelmed? You can't have everything all the time. Stop and think about what the most important thing is for you to accomplish for yourself and/or your boss. 
  • Ask for what you're worth! Make sure you do your research on this though, and request the right amount, or it could backfire.
Over the past month I've done a lot of thinking about what I want to do, which led me to my decision to leave my current job, but I haven't taken much time to think about what I should be doing. I'll be adding this to my list (see below).

Her advice on asking yourself "what is the most important thing to do" is something that I will be implementing immediately. I am a list maker and I'm constantly making impossibly long to-do lists and overwhelming myself. I'm still going to make my lists (or I'll forget!), but instead of feeling like I need to do everything all in one day, I can look at it and ask myself what the most important things are for today.

I'm also learning the fourth piece of advice in my class. It's important to charge what you and your time are worth. My instructor said this was her biggest mistake starting off in her career. Some people start off by working very cheaply with the thought that this will help get their name out there so they can begin to build a reputation and client base. She said it may work some of the time, but most of the time it backfires because when you are charging a lot less than your competitors, it could be a sign that you are not good at what you do and you could actually lose out on business. I'm not really sure that I'll ever go into business for myself, but if I do, I know this piece of advice will be the toughest for me  to implement. 

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