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We had such a great weekend.
 Charlie's family came into town and we stuffed our faces. This is a picture of Charlie's hamburger, but instead of a bun, it was between two glazed donuts. OMG.
I stopped in my tracks when we went to the Horchow outlet and the juju hat I've had my eye on had been marked down from $565 to $167. This came home with me immediately!! It was going to cost almost as much to DIY, so it was a no brainer.
This happened. The Puppy Bowl came on, and Toby put himself right in front of the TV.
I took a trip to HomeGoods, and found this grasscloth chest. I'm thinking it would be an amazing spot for a bar. We already have a bar area, but I'm pretty sure I'm going back for this one to maybe use as a side table.
 I'm looking for new lamps to go on either side of our TV in the living room. I sort of love these, so they'll probably be coming home with me as well.
I submitted my master bedroom redesign last week. My instructor liked it for the most part, and gave me a couple of good suggestions that I'll be putting into action soon. Most of the other students in the class didn't like it, but to each their own!


  1. OMG I hate you. haha I want a juju hat so bad! Great find!

  2. My apartment needs help do you take on charity cases?

    1. I'd be happy to offer my opinion if you want a little help! You can e-mail me by clicking the icon near the top right of the screen :)

  3. I defiantly will. I have two things to get rid of and one thing I'm waiting to get delivered and I'll forward pictures.


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