Dining Room Table Score

I am super excited about my latest furniture score. For months I've been eyeing this Romeo table from World Market, but I'm weird and I can't stand paying full price for anything.
 It's on my new home wishlist, which I periodically check to see if things have gone on sale. Last week I saw this went from $699 to $349, and I knew I was going to get it, but I wanted to wait a little longer to see if I could score it with free shipping. 
I've been checking the website daily, and yesterday I saw it had been marked down to $249 so I immediately called my store to see if they had any in stock to save on the $110 shipping fee. I got the last available one they had and I was able to combine it with a 10% discount I found online for a massive $566 savings, making this cheaper than the Ikea table I was considering. 
Since we have the tiniest dining room ever, we can't set it up until we move to our new home. Its current home is propped up in our dining room. It's driving my OCD brain crazy, but I only have to live with it for another month.
I've updated my dining room plan to include the pillows and rug that I've purchased. All that's left to purchase are the velvet chairs (swatch ordered last week), side chairs for the table, and the Expedit for the bar. 

I can't wait to see it totally put together.

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instagram updates

Almost all of my pictures this week are of Tobias. Mostly because our fun plans got cancelled this weekend due to the bipolar Texas weather. We were going to volunteer at a local arts festival that got cancelled due to the wind, and then attend the Holi Festival of Colors, but it was freezing and rainy which made it a no-go. I'm ready for spring!

Toby is the fluffiest little bear after his bath.
He lays beside my bed every morning waiting for me to wake up so we can go outside. It makes my heart happy.
 Charlie and I are about to start Eat to Live, so I've been doing a ton of reading to make sure I do it correctly this time. Toby wasn't too happy that he wasn't getting any attention.
Our balloons are still going strong. 
Someone is enjoying the new chairs...
I've wanted a fiddle leaf fig tree for a very long time, and was super excited to score this for only $12.99 at Ikea. I was worried I'd kill it since they apparently aren't the easiest to take care of, but it's been a week and still going strong.

If you were wondering what the Holi festival is, here's a video. Yeah, super sad that weather didn't cooperate for this one.


Jonathan Adler and Terence Conran for JCP

Honestly, I haven't thought about shopping at JCPenney since I was in elementary school, but when I saw that they had partnered with designers like Jonathan Adler and Terence Conran to create a bunch of fresh new pieces I knew I had to give it another chance.
Can you believe all of this is from JCP? Those pillows, curtains, and the clock will be making their way into our new home!


high rise love

This Manhattan high rise apartment belonging to Lonny Editor in Chief Michelle Adams is so, so good. I love everything about it. In fact, I'm thinking about stealing the idea of using fabric to cover an entryway console for our new house. Possibly in this fabric that I've been wanting to use.
 Floor to ceiling windows are. my. dream.
 Also, can we talk about this pink and white settee for a minute? And the lucite chair that she scored for $100 at a flea market. I mean, I can't even.
 I recently bought a couple canvases to try to create some sort of abstract black and white art for our bedroom. After seeing this black and white beauty in her bedroom, I think I'm going to try to recreate it for myself. How hard can it be to paint dots?
All photos via Lonny Magazine//March 2013
Photography by Patrick Cline
Interior Design & Art Direction by Michelle Adams


instagram updates

I'm obsessed with giant gold balloons, and couldn't resist these for our anniversary
A note on the door before he went off to work.
 Cooking out for the first time this year.
 Toby's new habit: crawling under the coffee table. I love how he blends in with our rug.
Downtown Dallas had a Spring Break Block Party this weekend. We took advantage of the free admission to the DMOA and Nasher.
 Concert on the Nasher lawn
 My chairs came in. This is just a temporary home for them until we move, and then they'll make their way to the new office!


patio redo

We're majorly downsizing from a large balcony to a tiny patio, which means I'm going to have to go vertical with my plants this year. I'm considering an Ikea hack over this green beauty which retails for $509! My plan is to spray paint the $14.99 Ikea HYLLIS shelving unit a bright green. I'm not the best spray painter, so this could go horribly wrong. But I'll take my chances.

Although after finding this cobalt blue lounge chair, I'm reconsidering my whole plan. I need that chair in my life.


home office

I've been in a serious funk lately. I can't quite figure out why, but I've just had this constant feeling of not wanting to do anything, hence my recent lack of posts. I am continuing to plan out the rooms in our new home, and purchased a lot of items off my wishlist this weekend. I had a hard time figuring out how I wanted our office/guest room to look, and I'm sure it will change when I actually start putting it together. I'm going for the look that I posted about here.
After a year of wanting these chairs, I finally purchased them, along with this pair of lamps. They come on Thursday! Until we move they'll have a temporary home in our living room.

Even though we've put a hold on this place, we're still continuing to look at other places for something that we like even more. There are a couple of things that are keeping it from being perfect. 1) the location 2) the fugly counters in the kitchen and bathrooms 3) the kitchen island. It's huge but then there are these indentations only allowing for stools on either side, but not in the middle? 4) the totally weird half wall/cut out. wtf is that for? 5) the upstairs windows all come in various shapes, sizes, and heights making the curtain situation a bit difficult 6) we really want a yard, and 7) beige wall hell (again). It's a rental, so these are all things that can easily be overlooked, but I still keep searching for the one. I'm convinced it's out there!


instagram updates

Our very good friend who currently lives in Africa was back in town for a few days last weekend, so we hit up the sketchiest karaoke bar in town. It's become sort of a tradition every time he's back in the United States. We got home around 4 am and finally went to bed at 5. It's that good of a time, ya'll!
 This song is a must during karaoke. 
I also made sure that Backstreet Boys, Spice Girls, Britney Spears, and TLC happened (maybe multiple times).
The next day we went to happy hour where I quite possibly had the best drink ever. Spiced tea infused vodka, St. Germain, lemon juice, honey, and club soda. So delish.
We met up later at the very eclectic Grapevine Bar. Another spot in our tradition.

Finally, before he left we watched the entire first season of Girls and had a quick 30th birthday celebration.
We miss you, Brad!


entryway inspiration

I mentioned in my last post that I'm pretty excited that our new place will have an actual, usable entryway. I can't remember if the walls are textured, but if they aren't, there will be some definite wallpaper action happening. If they end up having a texture, then I will probably paint it navy like our current entryway.

Here is what I'm imagining for the space.

This picture is what gave me my initial inspiration.
If the wallpaper can't happen, then I'll be doing something similar to this.


new home!

Some exciting news from the weekend... we've officially submitted our application and put a hold on a new town home! It's not official yet, but pretty close. Here are a few pictures I took of the downstairs area.
A kitchen with a window AND more than six cabinets! Plus we have a dining room that will actually fit a table and you can still walk around it!
No carpet downstairs!!
 An actual entryway!
It's a little farther north than we originally wanted to go, but after searching every single place around us, this was the only one that was upgraded and also gave us the space we wanted without having to pay a ridiculous price.

If you follow me on Pinterest, then I'm going to apologize for blowing up your feed. I've created a wishlist and started collecting decor inspiration for our (almost) new place. You can see them here and here to get an idea of what I plan to do. 
I already quickly whipped up this board to show Charlie what I'm thinking for our new dining room. Our bar would go on top of the white shelf like this.

I needed those emerald velvet chairs like, yesterday. So good. I would never have gone for this color until I saw it done so well in this kitchen and dining. I love every. single. thing. this girl designs, and I can only hope that I can bring in a little of that goodness for myself. 


home goods addiction

I don't know why I'm only just now realizing the greatness of Home Goods. I have two located fairly close to me and now I feel like I have to check them out like once a week or I'll miss something good. I went this week with the intention of finding an additional chair for our living room, and I ended up finding these three contenders.
This barcelona is my favorite, but even at less than a tenth of the price of the real thing, it's still a wee bit more than I want to spend.
 I can't quite decide if I'm over ikat?
 I'm thinking this wishbone chair will probably be the winner... that is if it's still there this weekend.
I also spotted these amazing marble lamps, and if I had a place for them they would have came home with me in a second.
 Charlie and I are looking for bigger apartments today (yay!), so I'm already scouting things for my new and improved office area. I'm not loving the shades on these, but I'm thinking about getting these and replacing with a navy shade to make them nice and pretty.
Also, this pouf. The price was so good I was thisclose to buying it, and it might still happen.
I'm trying to avoid impulse buying, especially with furniture. So even after finding all of this, I only walked out with a pretty pink agate bookend and some mint green striped paper straws to hold me over until next time.