Dining Room Table Score

I am super excited about my latest furniture score. For months I've been eyeing this Romeo table from World Market, but I'm weird and I can't stand paying full price for anything.
 It's on my new home wishlist, which I periodically check to see if things have gone on sale. Last week I saw this went from $699 to $349, and I knew I was going to get it, but I wanted to wait a little longer to see if I could score it with free shipping. 
I've been checking the website daily, and yesterday I saw it had been marked down to $249 so I immediately called my store to see if they had any in stock to save on the $110 shipping fee. I got the last available one they had and I was able to combine it with a 10% discount I found online for a massive $566 savings, making this cheaper than the Ikea table I was considering. 
Since we have the tiniest dining room ever, we can't set it up until we move to our new home. Its current home is propped up in our dining room. It's driving my OCD brain crazy, but I only have to live with it for another month.
I've updated my dining room plan to include the pillows and rug that I've purchased. All that's left to purchase are the velvet chairs (swatch ordered last week), side chairs for the table, and the Expedit for the bar. 

I can't wait to see it totally put together.

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