home goods addiction

I don't know why I'm only just now realizing the greatness of Home Goods. I have two located fairly close to me and now I feel like I have to check them out like once a week or I'll miss something good. I went this week with the intention of finding an additional chair for our living room, and I ended up finding these three contenders.
This barcelona is my favorite, but even at less than a tenth of the price of the real thing, it's still a wee bit more than I want to spend.
 I can't quite decide if I'm over ikat?
 I'm thinking this wishbone chair will probably be the winner... that is if it's still there this weekend.
I also spotted these amazing marble lamps, and if I had a place for them they would have came home with me in a second.
 Charlie and I are looking for bigger apartments today (yay!), so I'm already scouting things for my new and improved office area. I'm not loving the shades on these, but I'm thinking about getting these and replacing with a navy shade to make them nice and pretty.
Also, this pouf. The price was so good I was thisclose to buying it, and it might still happen.
I'm trying to avoid impulse buying, especially with furniture. So even after finding all of this, I only walked out with a pretty pink agate bookend and some mint green striped paper straws to hold me over until next time.


  1. I love that place. A few weeks ago my mom and I went to TX to only hit their stores. We targeted 5. I think we could have gone to 2-3 and that would have been plenty bc they all seemed to have about the same thing, etc. You never know what you'll find! Almost as good as thrifting;)

    1. I've wanted to start thrifting, too. It could get dangerous!

  2. The Wisteria outlet off mockingbird sometimes has super cheap wishbone chairs.

    1. Thank you! I'll definitely have to check it out.


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