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I've been in a serious funk lately. I can't quite figure out why, but I've just had this constant feeling of not wanting to do anything, hence my recent lack of posts. I am continuing to plan out the rooms in our new home, and purchased a lot of items off my wishlist this weekend. I had a hard time figuring out how I wanted our office/guest room to look, and I'm sure it will change when I actually start putting it together. I'm going for the look that I posted about here.
After a year of wanting these chairs, I finally purchased them, along with this pair of lamps. They come on Thursday! Until we move they'll have a temporary home in our living room.

Even though we've put a hold on this place, we're still continuing to look at other places for something that we like even more. There are a couple of things that are keeping it from being perfect. 1) the location 2) the fugly counters in the kitchen and bathrooms 3) the kitchen island. It's huge but then there are these indentations only allowing for stools on either side, but not in the middle? 4) the totally weird half wall/cut out. wtf is that for? 5) the upstairs windows all come in various shapes, sizes, and heights making the curtain situation a bit difficult 6) we really want a yard, and 7) beige wall hell (again). It's a rental, so these are all things that can easily be overlooked, but I still keep searching for the one. I'm convinced it's out there!

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  1. Well, you have a good taste in choosing a set of white elegant chairs and pair of lamps. Despite the things that are keeping your place from being perfect, for sure you can find ways to at least enhance your rental.


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