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Almost all of my pictures this week are of Tobias. Mostly because our fun plans got cancelled this weekend due to the bipolar Texas weather. We were going to volunteer at a local arts festival that got cancelled due to the wind, and then attend the Holi Festival of Colors, but it was freezing and rainy which made it a no-go. I'm ready for spring!

Toby is the fluffiest little bear after his bath.
He lays beside my bed every morning waiting for me to wake up so we can go outside. It makes my heart happy.
 Charlie and I are about to start Eat to Live, so I've been doing a ton of reading to make sure I do it correctly this time. Toby wasn't too happy that he wasn't getting any attention.
Our balloons are still going strong. 
Someone is enjoying the new chairs...
I've wanted a fiddle leaf fig tree for a very long time, and was super excited to score this for only $12.99 at Ikea. I was worried I'd kill it since they apparently aren't the easiest to take care of, but it's been a week and still going strong.

If you were wondering what the Holi festival is, here's a video. Yeah, super sad that weather didn't cooperate for this one.


  1. Stoked about your tree! I actually just told my mom on Monday to check with the local nursery near her to see if they have a fiddle for me that she can bring to me when she's in town next wknd. I want one so bad for our dining rm.

    1. If you don't end up finding me one, I don't mind picking one up here and bringing it to you when we come to town. You live just down the street from Charlie's parents, so it wouldn't be any trouble!


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