new home!

Some exciting news from the weekend... we've officially submitted our application and put a hold on a new town home! It's not official yet, but pretty close. Here are a few pictures I took of the downstairs area.
A kitchen with a window AND more than six cabinets! Plus we have a dining room that will actually fit a table and you can still walk around it!
No carpet downstairs!!
 An actual entryway!
It's a little farther north than we originally wanted to go, but after searching every single place around us, this was the only one that was upgraded and also gave us the space we wanted without having to pay a ridiculous price.

If you follow me on Pinterest, then I'm going to apologize for blowing up your feed. I've created a wishlist and started collecting decor inspiration for our (almost) new place. You can see them here and here to get an idea of what I plan to do. 
I already quickly whipped up this board to show Charlie what I'm thinking for our new dining room. Our bar would go on top of the white shelf like this.

I needed those emerald velvet chairs like, yesterday. So good. I would never have gone for this color until I saw it done so well in this kitchen and dining. I love every. single. thing. this girl designs, and I can only hope that I can bring in a little of that goodness for myself. 

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