DIY polka dot wall art

Our bedroom was in serious need of some artwork on the walls. I didn't want to spend much money on something that might not work in our new home, so I decided to get a little crafty and recreate this look that I saw in Lonny Editor and Chief, Michelle Adams' bedroom. 
Photography by Patrick Cline
Interior Design & Art Direction by Michelle Adams

Let me start by saying that I'm definitely not a crafty person, and I'm not the most patient person in the world. Most craft projects I start end in disaster, but this one is basically foolproof and only takes about 15 minutes of your time!


Outline your canvas in painter's tape to create a nice, clean border.
Use the largest size foam pouncer to create a few big dots.
Using the medium size pouncer fill in the spaces with more dots.
Fill in the rest of the space using the smallest pouncer.
Hang it on the wall and admire your amazingly easy and fast artwork!
I'm so impatient I didn't even wait until it was dry to hang it on the wall. I do not recommend this :)


  1. Cute! I love that Lonny room too. I've admired those animal print x-benches for the longest time.

    1. Didn't you score an x-bench on the cheap awhile ago? You should reupholster it in leopard!

  2. This is a great idea! I just may try it. Love your headboard too!

    Ali of


    1. Thanks! If you try it let me know how it works out :)

  3. I love your night stand.

    1. Thanks! They're the wood tiled nightstands from West Elm.


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