sofa and console before + after

The second challenge in my interior styling class was to restyle our sofa and console. I started this restyle by gathering every single throw pillow and blanket in our apartment.. But even after gathering everything, I ended up sticking to pretty much what I had before.

Not a huge change, but there isn't very much you can do to completely change the look of a sofa without purchasing new pillows. This challenge helped me to see that I definitely need a little color in the living room, so i'll be on the lookout for a fix in our new house (less than a month now!).
I've been meaning to work on restyling our console, but I came down with bronchitis and now have a horrible sinus infection, so I'm very behind on everything I've wanted to do this week. Pictures will be coming soon!


  1. Hey Stacy! I saw you featured on Front & Main today and I'm so glad. I love your style!


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