changes are coming!

I've had e-mail inquiries recently from people asking if I provide design services, and the answer is YES! At the top of this blog I have a link to my temporary website that I've been sending to people who are interested. It gives you a little more information on pricing and the services I currently provide. My permanent website will go live on July 1st (see below).

I've been hinting for the last couple of weeks that many exciting changes were happening around here. Right now I'm balancing wrapping up this school year, moving, and a few projects, but starting July 1st Stacy Graves Interiors will go live and I will be dedicating 100% of my time to design and being a new business owner.  Taking my design certification classes this semester have definitely helped me realize that this is where I want to take my career, so I've also decided that I will be going back to school this fall for interior design.  Finally, to top it off I also have a new shop that I will be announcing in the next few weeks. I couldn't be more thrilled and blessed with how things are working out right now.

I can't thank everyone who has helped me out over these past six months enough. Charlie, who has been my number one supporter during this transition, and all of my family and friends for being incredibly supportive and encouraging me to make this huge career change. 

Here's to dreaming a little bigger!


  1. Soooo happy for you! Congrats!

  2. Very proud of you Stacy! You were so meant to do this and can't wait to gab all about it in Florida! xoxo!

    1. That is so sweet!! Thank you so much, and I can't wait to have Florida time with you guys!


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