new apartment

It's supposed to be moving week, but at the very last minute we changed our mind. This Saturday we got a call from a place that we really liked, but it just wasn't the right price. They told us they had dropped the price and were offering a month free. We went back to look at it and sealed the deal! It's newer, and doesn't have all of the weird quirks (small, uneven windows, niches, columns in the way, etc.) that the other place has, plus we like the location much more. You also get to choose your bedroom light fixtures that they install free of charge, and get this... the wall color isn't beige! It's a very light gray with a darker gray trim, which I'm totally digging. I just knew a better place was out there for us!

Kitchen in the place we were originally going to rent:
Kitchen in the new place:
It is a little smaller, but it looks a lot nicer don't you think?

I'll share a lot more pictures once we get moved in later this month!


  1. Love! I think thw new place suits you much more than the one you were going to get. Excited to see more pix!


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