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If you follow me on instagram (@stacyandcharlie) you've probably noticed a lot of road trip photos... sorry :) We went to Austin for a few days to see one of our favorite bands, Mumford and Sons, and decided to make a mini-vacay out of it. Here are some of the highlights!
 Toby's first road trip. So excited!
 At the hotel they gave Toby a little treat bag, bandanna, and a toy. It was so cute!
 We stopped by West, TX on our way down to pick up some of their famous kolaches.
 We also drove by where the fertilizer plant exploded earlier this year. My heart is hurting for these people. There are still rows and rows of houses that look just like this one. Because it was not a natural disaster they are not receiving FEMA assistance to help them rebuild. If you're interested in donating, this is the official agency endorsed by West where 100% of your donation will go to the relief efforts.
I think our favorite thing about this trip was getting to take Tobias with us at every meal. So many pet-friendly restaurants in Austin!
This concert didn't come close to their Red Rocks concert we attended last year, but we had amazing seats and it was still pretty darn good.
 We had to stop at the popular "I love you so much" wall, and had lunch here before we left.
These beautiful sunflower fields were all along the highway on our drive back. The colors were so amazing we stopped for a quick photo.

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