drapery ideas

So, things are almost finished around here, I just mainly need to figure out window treatments. I had originally planned to go clean and simple by keeping all of the drapes solid white, but after hanging these, I decided I wanted to use drapes to bring in some more color. One option is to go with light blue drapes in both the living and dining room.
These are my all time favorite. 
I love how they almost look washed out by the sun. Any ideas on where I might find something like this?

The next option is to go with something that has a pom-pom or tassel.
I love these in Strawberry or Emerald for our bedroom.

Thoughts or suggestions are always appreciated!


instagram updates

We had some friends stay with us this week and played tourist around Dallas.
Our first stop was the new George W. Bush Library and Museum.
My favorite part was the exact replica of the Oval Office.
I'm obsessed with natural history museums.
The gem and mineral hall was by far my favorite exhibit. We all know I love a good geode.
Explored the neighborhood and had dinner and drinks at The Libertine.
Tobias being adorable... as usual. He has a rough life.
My goodies from The Good Home Company arrived. They all smell seriously delicious.
My favorites so far are the laundry fragrance (just washed my sheets and my entire room smells heavenly!) and the scented clothespins. I put a few in our drawers and it smells so fresh every time we open them. Thanks again, Good Home Company! The plans for our laundry room makeover are on their way and I'll be sharing them soon!


home updates

I'm working on our bedroom and decided to find another home for our x-benches. They've landed in the living room for now. What do you think? I'm still debating on which curtains to order. I'll be posting some options later this week for some opinions in the blog world!
 Things are slowly coming together in the entryway. I found this poodle statue at HomeGoods and just knew I had to have it even if I didn't quite know where she would go. I think the entry is a nice place for her. 
I spray painted our curtain rods gold (DIY coming soon!) to match the hardware I've ordered and will be hanging these colorful curtains.
Things always come together so much more slowly then I want them to, but it's only because I'm waiting for the perfect pieces and spend so much time moving things around and living with them until they look just right. Completed entryway and living room pics will be posted in a few weeks!



Is it already Friday?? I had posts planned for this week, but ended up having a few unexpected projects come up and they never happened. I'm finally caught up and I'll be back in business next week! In the meantime I'm sharing a few pics from our vacation to Navarre Beach.


royal baby wallpaper

In honor of the royal baby that will be making their debut at any moment, today I'm sharing with you my favorite wallpapers for nurseries. Although I think these would really be lovely in any room!


friday finds

I want to snatch up all of these finds, particularly that steal of a bar cart. Unfortunately I can't justify having three bars in my home... or can I?

1//LEIF garland necklace in denim (60% off, now $23.20)
2//Furbish retro alarm clock (was $18, now $10)
3// Anthropologie pink flamingo tape dispenser (was $18, now $10)
4// Pottery Barn rattan bar cart (was $299, now $149)


laundry room makeover!

Remember yesterday's post about wanting to make my laundry room pretty? Well, it looks like I'm no longer going to have to do it myself! I just found out this morning that I'm getting a laundry room makeover with the help of Los Angeles interior designer Hillary Thomas thanks to the fabulous Good Home Company and Mrs. Lilien! I'm beyond excited and can't wait to see what kind of design she comes up with!

Here is the current state of my laundry room... I hope they know what they are getting into!
A few days ago I semi-attempted to make it cute and organized with those orange baskets.
I then quickly realized it was going to need a lot more help and decided to try again later. Little did I know I'd be getting some wonderful help in the very near future. Thank you Hillary, Mrs. Lilien, and The Good Home Company! If you have a moment make sure to check out their fabulous websites.

I'll be sure to keep you updated on the blog and you can follow along with the makeover on instagram!


laundry room design board

For an apartment, we have a pretty large laundry room. Usually it's just a little closet, but now ours is big enough that I feel like I want to make it pretty. Here are some cheerful laundry room images that I pulled for inspiration.
Ideally, I'd wallpaper the shiz out of the room and call it a day, but we have textured walls so I'll have to get creative to get the look I want.
Ever since seeing this Beetlecat wallpaper by Katie Ridder done so well in Bailey McCarthy's bathrooms here and here, I've been trying to figure out some way to pull it off in an apartment situation. I've got some ideas spinning in my head on how I can use it in our laundry room, so just for fun I created a board of my dream laundry room for our apartment (the wallpaper looks wonky on the board because of the lighting in the online photo). I won't be able to put it all over the walls, but I'll have it in there in some way. I'll keep you posted on my progress!


instagram updates

Since we were on vacation all last week I don't have a recipe to share, but I'll have a good one next Monday!

I'm probably the only one that gets to the beach and spends time admiring the tub over the oceanfront view.
These brass fixtures were killing it.
Our first stop was lunch by the water,
and then Landshark Landing for some parrot head action.
Charlie carrying the beach gear.
 We discovered a cute little spot for lunch the next day. 
 My sandwich had cheddar, feta, lettuce, tomato, caramelized onions and avocado sauce... yum.
 We were stuffed from lunch, so we did what any adult would do... we skipped dinner and went straight for dessert.
This boat gradually sank throughout our trip (no one was on it). It started by leaning slightly, and then looked like this before we left. It was crazy to watch, I had to take a photo!
 We spent our last night strolling along the beach,
and soaking in the last sunset.
 As much as I miss the beach, I'm so happy to come home and spend my evenings lounging with this guy.
 I'm already on to planning our next vacation to celebrate Charlie's birthday. It's going to be a good one!


entryway design board

I'm still working to complete our entryway. Due to measurments, my original plan didn't work so I've been at a standstill trying to figure out what to do. I ended painting our RAST and using it as an entry console, and I recently scored these curtains seriously on sale at Anthropologie. I wasn't sure where I was going to put them, but I think they'll brighten up the entry nicely.
I'll keep you updated as the project comes along!


instagram updates

Oh man, I was a loser at taking pictures last week, but we definitely had some good times with friends and family. I'll leave you with a few of Tobias, because who doesn't like cute dog pics on a Monday morning?
 Showing off his patriotic tie on the Fourth of July.
Even though he has two beds, he prefers to take over the couch and use my new pillows. It drives me crazy, but I can't say no to that sweet face.


red, white, and blue party

Here are a few photos of our red, white, and blue decorations for our party tomorrow. I haven't had a chance to run to Pottery Barn for this table runner, but I hope to have it soon to complete the table.
Like Pear Tree Greetings on Facebook for these adorable free printables!
Also, where does a gal find sparklers and party poppers around here? I feel like I've been to every store near me and no one carries them. Hopefully I'll score some soon, because no Fourth of July is complete without sparklers!