drapery ideas

So, things are almost finished around here, I just mainly need to figure out window treatments. I had originally planned to go clean and simple by keeping all of the drapes solid white, but after hanging these, I decided I wanted to use drapes to bring in some more color. One option is to go with light blue drapes in both the living and dining room.
These are my all time favorite. 
I love how they almost look washed out by the sun. Any ideas on where I might find something like this?

The next option is to go with something that has a pom-pom or tassel.
I love these in Strawberry or Emerald for our bedroom.

Thoughts or suggestions are always appreciated!

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  1. I love our light blue window treatments in our dining room.. But I'm partial! So that's my vote! They do look so pretty with the sun shining through.


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