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Since we were on vacation all last week I don't have a recipe to share, but I'll have a good one next Monday!

I'm probably the only one that gets to the beach and spends time admiring the tub over the oceanfront view.
These brass fixtures were killing it.
Our first stop was lunch by the water,
and then Landshark Landing for some parrot head action.
Charlie carrying the beach gear.
 We discovered a cute little spot for lunch the next day. 
 My sandwich had cheddar, feta, lettuce, tomato, caramelized onions and avocado sauce... yum.
 We were stuffed from lunch, so we did what any adult would do... we skipped dinner and went straight for dessert.
This boat gradually sank throughout our trip (no one was on it). It started by leaning slightly, and then looked like this before we left. It was crazy to watch, I had to take a photo!
 We spent our last night strolling along the beach,
and soaking in the last sunset.
 As much as I miss the beach, I'm so happy to come home and spend my evenings lounging with this guy.
 I'm already on to planning our next vacation to celebrate Charlie's birthday. It's going to be a good one!

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