laundry room makeover!

Remember yesterday's post about wanting to make my laundry room pretty? Well, it looks like I'm no longer going to have to do it myself! I just found out this morning that I'm getting a laundry room makeover with the help of Los Angeles interior designer Hillary Thomas thanks to the fabulous Good Home Company and Mrs. Lilien! I'm beyond excited and can't wait to see what kind of design she comes up with!

Here is the current state of my laundry room... I hope they know what they are getting into!
A few days ago I semi-attempted to make it cute and organized with those orange baskets.
I then quickly realized it was going to need a lot more help and decided to try again later. Little did I know I'd be getting some wonderful help in the very near future. Thank you Hillary, Mrs. Lilien, and The Good Home Company! If you have a moment make sure to check out their fabulous websites.

I'll be sure to keep you updated on the blog and you can follow along with the makeover on instagram!

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