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Here are a few instas from this week. Keep an eye out next week for a cocktail recipe that I'll be whipping up. I've been infusing vodka with spiced tea for a drink I've had in my head for awhile.
 This fabulous box of goodies arrived from Shop Sweet Lulu. I'll be using the decor for Charlie's birthday coming up later this month!
 I paid a visit to the new Sprinkles Cupcake ATM. It was also my first time to have one of their cupcakes. I had the dark chocolate with chocolate frosting and let me just say... I get it.
I've now had to resist going back every day since. They're also opening up Sprinkles Ice Cream and Sprinkles Cookies next door. Things could get dangerous around here.
Our bedroom was the last room to get decorated in our old apartment, and it was turning out that way in our new place, too. So I've been spending some time getting her all spiffy. More pics will be coming soon!

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