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Here are a few instas from last week!

I completed our bedroom gallery wall with this mint + gold love print. I'm just waiting on a shelf to arrive and then I will share complete photos!
Replaced the hardware on our dresser with these colorful knobs.
Celebrated a friend's birthday at Stratos. This was our first time here and it was definitely a good time. If you enjoy dancing on the table, napkins flying, yelling Opa!, and dancing around the restaurant with complete strangers... then you'll love this place.
 We found a carnival behind the restaurant after dinner, but unfortunately we didn't get to stay. It wasn't in a great part of town and there were multiple gang unit officers and Dallas PD, so we took that as a sign that it probably wasn't a good idea for us to hang around too long!
 Took our dog child to splash day at the pool. 
He loved it as long as his feet were touching the ground!
This is my last week of summer so I'm soaking up as much sun as possible and trying to get the house totally finished before school starts. I finally finished our entryway and will be posting photos tomorrow!

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