new pillows and some big news!

I've been holding off on buying more things for our apartment because we haven't been sure if we're staying here or if we would be able to find a home to buy. I've been itching for a little update to our living room, so I've decided on these leopard velvet and blue ikat pillows from Arianna Belle, and the gold scallop pillow from Caitlin Wilson Textiles since they can come with us wherever we end up.

Now for the big news: This weekend we went and looked at houses with our realtor. On Sunday we found one we liked and decided to put an offer in not expecting much since anything semi-decent gets snapped up within a day or two. We put our offer in Monday, they accepted Tuesday, and as of last night we officially have a contract! Everything is still super new and up in the air until the inspection passes. In the next week or so we should be in the clear, and I'll share a little more about our new home (you can see some ideas I've started pinning here). It all happened so fast and was so much easier than I ever expected. I'm nervous to have the responsibility of owning a home, but I'm also crazy excited that I finally get to make a space 100% ours!


house hunt

You guys, I feel like I've looked at every available home in a 20 mile radius. Let's just say... Dallas has a lot of fugly homes. Sometimes I just can't even believe what some people decide to live with. With such simple updates the home could be so fresh and pretty. Alas, we've walked into so many spaces that instantly make my head hurt they are so tragic.
I've stumbled upon one in particular that I love, but so does the rest of Dallas, so our chances are slim to none at getting it.
Isn't she just the cutest? I'm obsessed with the fireplace, arched doorways, ceilings, built-in bookshelves in the entry, and wood floors. It's exactly what I want, but I'm not about to get into a bidding war and overpay, so I'm just patiently waiting to stumble across the right home at the right time. So while I can't start designing yet, I do know that pretty much any bathroom we get will need to be a total gut (people, don't neglect your bathrooms!), so I've started putting together different possibilities for the design. This is the one I'm leaning toward so far.

Imagine with white floors and subway tile all the way up to the ceiling in the bath. So good. I'm purchasing these mirrors today, and until I have a bathroom to put them in they'll have a home above our nightstands in the bedroom.


valentine's day instagram updates

A few Valentine's Day Instas from this week: 
My office exploded from so much crafting. I liked it.
We had some fun trying out different mustaches on Tobias. He looks quite dapper, don't you think?
He also got treated to a Valentine's bedding upgrade.
I'm so very grateful to have shared the last 12 Valentine's Days with this guy.
I hope everyone is having an extra special day with their loved ones today!


14 days of love

A few more of my 14 Days of Love...

Day 8: I filled up a moleskin notebook with little love notes and wrote one thing that I love about him on each page.
The front part opens up to say "What I love about you" and "Valentine's Day 2014" I found these little stickers at Michael's.
Day 9: A box of Reese's Pieces and a note that says "I love you to pieces!"
Day 10: A couple of his favorite candies and "A treat for my sweet" note.


14 days of love

It's that time of year again! I mentioned in my last post that I would get my 14 days of love up today. I was out of town for business, and then Charlie had to go out of town, so my days of love are a little off as we will be celebrating v-day a little later this year. Here are a few that I've given him so far!

Day 2: Adhesive mustaches (found in Target $ section) glued to pink paper straws. I included this "I mustache you to be my valentine" tag and we had a little photo shoot together! We also included Tobias in on the fun. Who knew a dog with a mustache could be so cute (I'll share pics in my Valentine post!)
Day 3: I found these cute hot sauces at Target, and paired them with this "You spice up my life" tag from Williams-Sonoma.

Day 4-7: Charlie had a business trip to NYC, so I snuck a few of these cards and love notes in his suitcase for each day.

I'll be sharing the last 7 days soon! In case you need some inspiration before then, you can see what I did on days 8-14 last year!


14 days of love

Woah, I can't believe we're already a week into February! I was in Los Angeles for work at the beginning of this week, so I'm a little behind on posting my 14 Days of Love. I promise to get them all up by Monday, but if you need some inspiration before then, make sure to check out what I did last year on days 1-3 and days 4-7!
For day one this year, I put up this adorable felt banner to greet Charlie on his way to work in the morning. I've been crafting away, so stay warm and check back Monday for more ideas!