new pillows and some big news!

I've been holding off on buying more things for our apartment because we haven't been sure if we're staying here or if we would be able to find a home to buy. I've been itching for a little update to our living room, so I've decided on these leopard velvet and blue ikat pillows from Arianna Belle, and the gold scallop pillow from Caitlin Wilson Textiles since they can come with us wherever we end up.

Now for the big news: This weekend we went and looked at houses with our realtor. On Sunday we found one we liked and decided to put an offer in not expecting much since anything semi-decent gets snapped up within a day or two. We put our offer in Monday, they accepted Tuesday, and as of last night we officially have a contract! Everything is still super new and up in the air until the inspection passes. In the next week or so we should be in the clear, and I'll share a little more about our new home (you can see some ideas I've started pinning here). It all happened so fast and was so much easier than I ever expected. I'm nervous to have the responsibility of owning a home, but I'm also crazy excited that I finally get to make a space 100% ours!


  1. I love the leopard pillows! Are you getting the knife edge or the black piping finish?

    1. Me too! I've had them on my wishlist for quite awhile. I'm going to get the black piping finish.


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