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Yesterday we had our home inspection, and today we have our pool inspection. So far all I can see is $$$ going into a bunch of stuff that no one can see, but safety and peace of mind matters more to me than a pretty living space. Even with all of the repairs that will possibly have to be completed, I've been picking out our paint colors and getting busy planning the remodel (I'll be posting more specifics later this week). We're pretty excited to have a pool, and since this was not something we were originally looking for, it feels like a little bonus. I've never had a large outdoor space to design, and I'm just as excited about the outside as I am the inside. Here are a few of my fave selections for outdoor furniture:
1| Swingasan Chair and Stand from Pier1
2| Sandskar Tray Table from IKEA
3| Pom Pom Beach Umbrella from Bellamee
4| Acapulco Chair from CB2 (I've wanted one of these since our visit to Marfa)
5| Ciudad Chaise from Pier1

And you better believe you'll be finding one of these floating around in the pool!

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