new floors!

A small reno update for this Friday morning - we have new carpeting in the bedrooms! The almost brand new carpet was put in by the previous owners, but it wasn't our style and no matter how I decorated our room, it just wasn't going to work. I knew exactly what I wanted, and thankfully I found it at Home Depot for an amazing price. We also used their installers and got lucky that they had a cancellation and were able to get us in a week earlier than expected.
You can ignore pretty much everything in the room except for the carpet and furniture. I will be completely redecorating (I'll have another post on this soon), but for now we have it set up so we have some sense of normalcy in the chaos of home renovation. We had been sleeping in the guest room and had two bedrooms worth of stuff along with everything from our kitchen and laundry room piled in our living room, so I just try to avoid the rest of the house as much as possible. We're slowly clearing it out as rooms start becoming complete, but we still have a bathtub in our dining room and a toilet and sliding glass door in our entry (ugh).
This is the beginning of Charlie's "man room". In case you missed it you can see my plan for it here.
Here is the before:
I hope you have a fantastic weekend. Don't forget to check out Better Homes and Gardens Pinterest board "Everything Summer" this Sunday from 10am - 10pm where I will be joining in on a pinning party with other bhg bloggers to share our favorite ideas for summer. See you then!


project update: guest bathroom progress

I finally have a bit of progress to share in our bathroom - we finished tiling our shower over the long weekend! We're grouting today, and electrical and plumbing will be finished this week. We're waiting for our new window to arrive before we tile around this area, and they cut out the concrete to remove our old tub, so we can't tile the rest of our floor until they come in and fix this. We still have a bit to go, but I think I'm finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. In case you don't remember what our bathroom used to look like, check out the before photos here.
 I'm obsessed with our newly skim-coated walls, but I'm not too happy that for some reason they removed our protective floor covering and got joint compound globs all over our new floors and in our brand new grout. The plumber also managed to break several tiles and the other subcontractors scratched a ton of others while sliding the vanity back and forth. We put protective feet on the bottom of the vanity to prevent this, but they somehow took those off, too! I'm really upset about the whole thing, but my contractor has promised us that he'll go in and get it fixed for us once the work is finished. Throughout this whole process I've found it so frustrating that people don't seem to be treating our things very nicely. We've already had to get a brand new door replaced after they took a chunk off of a steel door. I'm not even quite sure how that's possible, but they were definitely able to do it. We've also had several holes put in our walls and our new sliding glass door got scratched up. I'm definitely ready for this process to be over and for our house to be clean again!


project: laundry room

There isn't one nice thing I can say about our old laundry room other than it wasn't a bad size. It's a little larger than what we have now, but that's it. It was old, outdated, and dangerous. Our inspector found that the dryer vented to the roof and somehow also allowed the lint to build up in the gas water heater closet (located behind this door). It was literally a fire just waiting to happen. Before learning about this I hadn't planned to do anything but freshen it up a bit.
I started brainstorming how to fix the problem other than just having the roof vent cleaned out, and came up with a plan using this space in our garage. This corner was destined to become a dumping ground for random things and a perfect place for spiders to make a nice little home, so we decided to use this to open up the laundry room, move the washer and dryer down, and allow the dryer to vent to the side of the home.
When we opened up the walls, we discovered there had been what looked to be some sort of electrical fire behind the dryer outlet. I'm so thankful we did this to make it safe again. We're also getting all new plumbing in here and in the bathrooms, as well as updating all of our electrical in the house because we found out our old panel and wiring to the house is a fire hazard (thank you again, inspector!). Also, check out the gutter downspout that they used to vent the dryer to the roof... what!?
Here it is all opened up. Even though not much has changed yet, it already feels so much better in here. We'll also eventually put in a window to brighten it up like our current laundry room.
You can see our new patio door that will be going in soon! Those unfinished cabinets will be painted and put in the laundry room, along with cabinets to store all of our cleaning supplies, brooms, vacuums, etc. During our next round of renovations sometime in the fall, we'll also be moving our water heater to this corner and turning our current water heater space into a coat closet. 

Pretty soon we'll be ready for the fun part - making it look good! I'm painting the walls Sunlit Coral, which we used in our previous laundry room.

I haven't made up my mind about floors yet, but I want something affordable because we will eventually be changing out flooring throughout the entire house. Right now I'm leaning towards these  large tiles that have a linen texture to them. I think they look fresh next to the paint color, and they are totally affordable at less than $2 a square foot!

Today the rest of our plumbing is going in the bathroom along with new drywall and cement board. I'll be sharing the progress of both the bath and kitchen soon!


project update: backyard

The last two weeks we've been working on the house, I've been studying for finals, and in-between it all I've been trying to find time to pack for our move next week. But... I finally have a little progress to share! Awhile ago I shared before photos of our backyard, and after three weeks and a lot of help from my sweet in-laws it looked like this!
When we purchased the house, the only spot of grass back here was completely dead, and the flowerbeds were full of weeds, rocks, old mulch, piles of leaves, and overgrown plants.
This was what the two flowerbeds closets to our house looked like (after I pulled out an overgrown bush). I spent a week pulling weeds, picking out these rocks, and moving them to the new flowerbed by the fence.
Here they are all cleaned out with newly planted flowers.
Once they fill in it will be so bright and cheery. We still have a lot of projects to complete back here, but I'm so happy to finally have our yard cleaned up and ready for us to use all summer long. 

This week I'll also be sharing progress on our laundry room, kitchen, and bath remodel, so stay tuned!